How do I make the best cryptocurrency decisions on Ethereum Academy?

The Right Approach

Ethereum is the second largest digital asset in the world by market capitalization after Bitcoin, and it enables a big ecosystem of other tokens on top of it. This gives it the only other major network effect in the space.

Ethereum faces competition from smaller utility protocols, such as Cardano, Polkadot, Tron, and others.

Much like how other monetary tokens have not been able to take market share from Bitcoin’s expansive network effect, these smart contract protocols are much, much smaller than Ethereum. All of them together are smaller than Ethereum’s market capitalization, so Ethereum has achieved a network effect and some degree of escape velocity compared to them.


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To solve some the issues associated with the Ethereum network, the core developers including Buterin have been working for years on Ethereum 2.0, which will make huge changes to the protocol down to its core.

Ethereum  is going to be your best cryptocurrency investment on 2021 and 2022

Quality Over Quantity

There is substantial demand for stablecoins to use as a liquid unit of account when trading crypto tokens and other purposes, substantial demand for decentralized crypto token exchanges and decentralized crypto token liquidity providers, and some demand for token-based gaming/social dapps. Ethereum has a big market share of financial dapps while some of their smaller competitors have sizable market share of gaming/social dapps.

Ethereum’s proof of work security spend is lower than Bitcoin’s proof of work system, and more importantly uses GPUs rather than ASICs like Bitcoin uses. ASICs are specialized hardware with physical supply limitations that can’t be repurposed for other activities, whereas GPUs are general purpose and abundant.

  • High Securuty
  • Buterin’s enthusiastic support
  • Notable Venture Capitalists
  • Accuracy and reliability

Undestand how Ethereum works and invest on it was the best decision I’ve ever made without any doubt. 

I turned out my spare savings into a retirement found in less than 2 years. 

Now I can really focus on doing what I want with my life. 

Frank Roselle

The only thing I regret of investing in Ethereum is not to have invested more and not to have focused on it sooner. 

There is not question that this is the technology of the future and Ethereum is going to be the best cryptoasset to have and focus in the next decade. 

Kerry Stephenson

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